Meditation - rock heart cloudsMeditation has been around for thousands of years, the benefits, now well documented through thousands of scientific studies, range from deeper states of calm and peace with more restful sleep, to increases in energy and positive thinking, as well as decreases in disease.

When faced with a diagnosis of cancer, this practice can help someone more easily and calmly navigate the tumultuous experiences they may face. One study showed that the impacts of meditation benefited one’s health in fighting disease more effectively than engaging in sport. Another very important benefit is that those who practice regular meditation maintain the length of their telomeres, which are the ends of chromosomes. Shortened telomeres are associated with several disease states, as well as cell aging, while longer telomeres are thought to be protective against disease, helping the body heal.

The list of benefits is extensive, yet what each person will experience will be unique to them.

Meditation can be experienced by anyone, no matter who you are, no matter how busy your mind.  This particular series is geared to those who are newer to the practice, demonstrating how accessible the practice can be.

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