We work with individuals in any stage of their journey with cancer, regardless of physical capabilities or yoga experience.  All are welcome.




PLEASE NOTE: Due to the recent COVID 19 Government precautions put in place, the remaining classes have unfortunately been cut short.  

Dates:               Jan 7th – Mar 31st
Time:                4:30pm – 5:45pm
Cost:                 Free, drop-in format
Location:        Kingston Family YMCA, 100 Wright Cres.

** These classes are funded by the Queen’s Yoga Club, space donated by the YMCA **

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the recent COVID 19 Government precautions put in place, these classes are temporarily on hold. The current plan is for 4 weeks. Updates will be announced, should this change.

Dates:               Feb 6th – Mar 26th;    Apr 2nd – May 21st;    Jun 4th – Jul 23rd
Time:                5:30pm – 6:45pm
Cost:                 Free, drop-in format
Location:        Providence Care, 752 King St. W.

** These classes are funded by KGH via UKHF, space donated by Providence Care **

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Private group classes had been put on hold, as we have received generous funding support to run free community classes.  Private classes are currently being run on a demand basis.  If you are interested in participating in group yoga classes, please reach out with an email.


Meditation is currently implemented into our Yoga classes.  We feel that it is an integral and necessary part of the practice.

For registration, please contact Into The Flow Yoga and Wellness at:   or   613.484.7352


Reiki is offered by Andrea Pritchard out of Full Circle Health Network, in the Woolen Mill.  Sessions are available on Mondays and Fridays.  If interested in arranging an appointment, click here


*Private sessions for either Yoga or Meditation are available at request.*